First, We Talk
Please email me to get the conversation started:


You Tell Me All About Who You Are and What You Do
I need to know the who, what, where, whens and whys of your business. Tell me about your current market position, your customer base, what's worked and what hasn't. Tell me about your corporate culture -- or your personal style. Then, I'll ask you what's unique about your product or service, what we call your "unique selling points."

I'll Ask You What You'd Like To Accomplish
Once I understand where you are, we'll talk about where you plan on going. Because it is so important that all of your communications be framed in the self-interest of your audience, we'll talk about what your plans mean for them, too.

What Is It That You Want Your Audience To Do?
Do you want your readers to buy your product? Feel good about your company? Write their congressional delegation? Donate money? Or lose weight and exercise?

Please Tell Me What's Important To You
Tell me what's important to you. Also tell me if you have any pet peeves. I want what I write for you to sound like it comes from you -- to reflect your personality and/or your corporate culture.

Will You Need an Artist or Graphic Designer?
Good design of your finished product will do much to help us communicate your message to your audience. If your budget allows it and you want something that looks as fabulous as it sounds, I highly recommend using a professional designer. You may already have one -- and I'd be happy to work with him or her. Or, if you'd like me to bring in one of the many designers I work with on a regular basis, I can do that easily. For smaller projects, I can do a serviceable layout for you, if that's the route you prefer.

Then, I Get Started
After we make sure we both understand what I'm going to do for you and the agreed-upon time frame, I get started.

The Dialogue Continues
We'll work together throughout the process to make sure that you get the product that does what you need it to do. I make my living off of repeat business, so I work very hard to be sure that you're happy.

You Have Such Success With My Work That You Call Me Again and Again
I just got a call from a client who got an eight percent response rate from his direct mail campaign I wrote and wants more. I want to bring you the same kind of success. Let's talk.

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