Most people don't have the time to read, so they read selectively. And to make it worse, they're bombarded with communications coming from people like us, all demanding their attention.

That's why the challenge isn't only in the writing -- it's in getting people to read what we write. Here's how we can get through to them:

Know Our Audience
Know what's important to them. When we understand what they care about, we can craft our message so that it appeals to their self-interest.

Make It Easy On Our Readers
Keep the writing straightforward and brief. Use simple words and simple sentence structure. The best writers know all the big words -- and also know better than to use them.

Believe What We're Saying
If we don't believe what we're saying, neither will our audience. It takes conviction to be convincing.

Structure Our Material So That The Message Comes Through --
Even If They Don't Read It

People are so busy that we need to make the important information obvious, so that a glance down the page will tell our story. Subheads, visual metaphors, bulleted lists and other techniques can be used to convey your major points. And once the reader sees that our story is very important to his or her self-interest, well, the whole piece just might get read.

People retain information only for a short while. That's why, to give your product or message top-of-mind presence, we must repeat our message. It usually takes people three exposures to information before they assimilate it

There's so much more to say. Call me if you have questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you.

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