Fees are determined
by how much time and effort
your project will require.
Each project is priced individually.

Factors That Can Influence Cost

Clear direction and mission from you will save me time and save you money. Plus, it will make it much more enjoyable for us to work together.

The more work you or your staff can do up front, the less work there will be for me to bill you. Organized background materials and other information will result in a better and more cost-effective end product.

If the job is easy and won't take me long, it won't cost you much.

Rush jobs are welcome and will cost you more. The adrenaline rush of a good deadline often leads to some very good work, too.

If you need several related pieces for example, a brochure, a video and a several part direct mail campaign, all on the same subject the price for the total package will be much, much lower than for each individual component.

Your decision and review process will affect the cost. Changing directions, multiple revisions and editing by committee runs up your costs.

Typical Fees

Complex subjects and those needing delicate and/or careful positioning take more time and cost more as a result. While I will price each project individually after talking with you, here are some examples of what you might expect:


Editing projects usually average $15 per page. The complexity of the material and density of the writing can affect this average. (No extra charge for boring subjects, though it is tempting.)

Image, Anniversary and Other Major Brochures

You can expect to pay $1,500 and up for image, anniversary and other major written pieces. I take a lot of care in making your company look different from the competition, working hard to find something original to say and to say it with authority and vision. That takes time. And time is money.

Three-Panel Brochures

Three-panel brochures usually range in price from $400 - $1,000.


A simple letter usually costs $150 and up.

Media Releases

Depending on the complexity of the story, Media Releases (sometimes called Press Releases) start at $200.


Speeches are priced at an average of $75 per minute. For example, a ten-minute speech usually costs $750. Jokes are free. Funny jokes cost extra.

Editorial Writing

Op-ed pieces and other editorials start at $500.

White Papers

White papers (sometimes called Position Papers) usually range from $3,000 - $5,000.

Video Scripts and Scripts for Dramatic Presentations

Video and other scripts average $100 per minute of running time.

Ghost Writing


But the Real Truth About My Pricing Is...

When you talk to me on the phone, you'll realize I'm a lapsed Southern Belle with some lingering pretensions to graciousness. That means I'll be embarrassed or feel rude if I charge you what the job is worth. Not only that, but the cost of living in Columbia, South Carolina, is low, so I forget that I could charge folks a whole lot more. (The weather's nice, too.) So call me. You'll get something great, on time and for a very reasonable cost.

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