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Foreign Exchange Services

For International Businesses
and International Travelers


Foreign Exchange Services for International Businesses

BANK ONE'S Foreign Exchange Services
Will Help You Profit From the Global Economy

Changes in the European Economic Community and Eastern Europe offer many opportunities for American businesses. BANK ONE provides a variety of currency services to help your business compete in this changing international marketplace.

We'll help you get the most for your money -- whatever the currency -- through spot transactions, forward transactions, swaps and time options. Our foreign exchange traders will help you determine the best strategy for your situation.

Spot Transactions

Spot transactions are the quickest way to convert funds to or from dollars for ordinary international business transactions. For instance, if it's Thursday and you need to make a payment of DM 20,000 in Munich on Monday, we'll arrange a spot transaction to cover it.

First, the amount of the exchange and the exchange rate are settled. Then, the date of the actual exchange -- usually two business days later -- is set. This two-day period allows time for the transaction to be completed both here and abroad.

Spot transactions take less time when they involve our close neighbors. Exchanges with Canada are usually settled the next business day.

Forward Transactions

Forward transactions offer exchange rate security and are often used to hedge against fluctuations in the currency exchange rate. A forward transaction is an agreement to purchase or sell a foreign currency on a fixed date for a fixed price. For instance, if you sign a contract to pay a French firm 30,000 francs in six months, you would ask us to arrange a forward transaction, establishing the rate you will pay in six months' time to convert your dollar to francs. In this way, you are protected against a falling dollar or rising franc.

Forward transactions are also useful tools to reduce foreign translation exposure for corporations seeking to consolidate their financial statements with their foreign subsidiaries. For instance, a forward transaction could be used to establish the dollar value of the foreign subsidiary's fixed assets or liabilities before the fiscal year end, ensuring against statement losses due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.


A swap is the simultaneous sale of purchase of a certain amount of foreign currency for two different value rates. Swaps usually involve spot transactions against forward transactions, or forward transactions against forwards. Because the swap is arranged as a single transaction with a single counter-party, you incur minimum exchange risk.

A swap allows you to either extend an original maturity date or to take an early delivery of a forward foreign exchange contract. Swaps are also useful investment tools that allow banks to borrow or lend idle currencies to fit their position books.

For instance, if you wanted to invest in a foreign market, you could use a swap to simultaneously make the spot transaction to buy the foreign currency you would need for the investment, and make a forward transaction to sell that currency at the same time at a fixed rate in the future, hedging against detrimental exchange rate changes.

Time Options

Another hedging strategy is the time option. This choice allows you to take advantage of a forward contract without being held to a fixed date. Instead, you and the bank agree on a time span in which the exchange will take place. Time option contracts are usually used to cover whole months straddling the likely payment date. The exchange occurs on any date you choose within the time frame, two days after you notify us that you're read for it.

Time option contracts allow you to extend forward transaction contracts for a few days or weeks at a time. They're most helpful to companies experiencing administrative problems, or when changing situations create uncertainty about delivery dates.

Whatever your choice, BANK ONE makes doing business in a foreign country feel like doing business at home. For additional information, call one of our traders at (insert number).

Letters of Credit and Foreign Collections

Doing business anywhere you and your company aren't known can be difficult. The problem is compounded when you're in a foreign country. BANK ONE can give you instant credibility with a letter of credit.

BANK ONE's letters of credit can make your international business dealings hassle-free. We will issue, advise, confirm and negotiate for you in any currency. And we will help protect your cash flow by also handling your foreign check and documentary collections.


Foreign Exchange Services for International Travelers:
Planning Ahead Can Make Your Trip Easier

A visit to BANK ONE's Foreign Exchange Center before your trip will solve the problem of how to pay for your midnight taxi ride home from the airport when all the banks have closed.

And not only can you buy and sell foreign currency at BANK ONE, but you can also get foreign travelers checks, wire transfers and currency bank notes.

So, before you go, stop by any BANK ONE or call our Foreign Exchange Center at (insert number). No matter what currency you need, we'll make your dollars go farther.

The World is Only ONE Phone Call Away

For additional information about our foreign currency services, call BANK ONE's toll free number, 1-800-(insert number) or one of our departments listed below. We'll take care of all your foreign banking problems in ONE easy step.

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