The following text is from the first element of a direct mail campaign targeted at banks by Fleet Financial. Notice how the emphasis is on the benefits to the reader, communicating in his or her self-interest. This series used bold graphics and unexpected colors -- especially for a financial institution -- and won its share of awards. More importantly, this business-to-business mailer was extremely successful in generating new calls and developing new business.


First mailing:


Bigger Is Now Better


Bigger Is Now Better With Fleet's Revised Jumbos

Jumbo loans used to mean jumbo headaches. But with Fleet's new revised Jumbos, bigger is now better because we make Jumbos easy for you.

Jumbo advantages

You'll find lots of big advantages for your business with Fleet's Revised Jumbo program. We've made changes to save you time, simplify work in your back room and give you more ways you can serve more borrowers. All for a competitive price, backed by the security you get from Fleet. And that's the biggest advantage of all.

We've made our Jumbo program better with new additions like Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), more lock-in choices and all-in pricing. Plus, we welcome second homes, no-income-certification loans and third-party originations.

Flexible lock-in choices protect you against rising rates

Fleet believes that a volatile market shouldn't create volatility in your life. That's why we offer expanded commitments to protect you against rising rates. Fleet also offers mandatory deliveries.

You benefit with our flexible lock-in periods, providing you price protection to close more loans. It's reassuring to you, and your customers. And we do all of these for no up-front commitment fees. Choose from:

Price Protected Lock-In

* 15 Day
* 30 Day
* 45 Day
* 60 Day


* 10 Day
* 30 Day

Fleet gives you more time to spend with more customers

Fleet believes your job is to serve your customers, not spend time filling out forms. That's why we have a streamlined process for easy delivery -- you only have to fill out one form in addition to your standard paperwork. Your back room will love you for it. And so will your bottom line.

Convenience and security, competitively priced

Fleet offers you convenience and security, competitively priced. That's why, year after year, you'll find Fleet ranked among the top five mortgage wholesalers in the country.

Like everything about doing business with Fleet, our pricing is straightforward and designed to make your job easier. We now offer net pricing, so you can see at a glance how competitive we are.

Our job is to make your job easier. We understand your needs for flexibility and innovations, so when you come to Fleet, that's what you'll find.

Let the innovations that made us a market leader
make you a leader in your market

Whether you're a big institution or a small shop, Fleet's revised Jumbos can help you fund more possibilities. But we don't just take care of you. We take care of your customers, too. When we make a commitment to your loan, we make a commitment to your customers that means we'll ease the transition for them every step of the way. We make things easy for them, and that keeps your job easy for you.

Our innovations have made us a market leader. And they can make you a leader in your market. To find out more, call your customer service representative below (BUSINESS CARD IS INSERTED IN DIE-CUT SLOT) or 1-800-407-5281.


(LOGO) Fleet funds more possibilities

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