A group of prominent citizens, including the mayor, the state attorney general, a rabbi and others, commissioned this newspaper ad to protest the atrocities in the former Yugoslavia.

Never Again

Never again. We promised 50 years ago that we?d never again stand by and do nothing while human beings were herded into concentration camps because of their ethnicity or religion.

But it?s happening.

We vowed that never again would we let the world turn its head away in complacency from the horrors of starvation, torture and mass executions.

But it?s happening in the death camps of Omarska and Breko.

We pledged that never again would we be deaf to the cries of suffering innocents demanding our intervention.

If we do not respond, we become as guilty as their persecutors.

History teaches us that there are no limits to man?s inhumanity to man. Any atrocity is permissible if there is no one with the courage to demand that the slaughter stop.

We must prove that we are a country and a people
with memory and with courage.

In the name of every value that we claim to hold sacred, we must join together and demand our government and the international community act at once to put an end to this inhumanity.

Never again is now!

If you agree with us that never again is now in the former Yugoslavia,
please call the President or please call us.

signed by the sponsors


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