This brochure states the case statement for a community organization and is used for fundraising. By framing the message so that it communicates in the self-interest of the reader -- how this problem of the state's children has a tremendous cost in real dollars to us all -- it makes it hard for the reader to look the other way. But more than that, it engages the reader in a dialogue that helps them to become a part of the solution, working with others for real change, for real solutions to this kind of human suffering.


Alliance For South Carolina's Children

Help Plant the Seeds of Change

VISUAL: Family or group of children planting flowers -- the kind of flowers from the package of seeds would be best.

INSERT: Package of easy-to-grow flower seeds, such as zinnias.


When Children Lose Their Childhood, It Costs You Money

Many of society's problems can be traced to failures in childhood -- sometimes even the failure to have a childhood. It's a tragedy that can be measured in suffering, in opportunities lost and even in dollars and cents.

And the problems continue each year, with children having children, more families unable to respond to the needs of their own children, and more children growing up in single-parent, low-income households. Each child who grows up without a strong set of values, a basic education, and a sense of personal responsibility is at risk of becoming an additional burden on society.

Childhood spans only a few years, but the effects last for a lifetime. Good beginnings never end.

Even The Small Things Matter A Lot

Research shows that some of the most important developments affecting a person's ability to grow and function happen very, very early in life, when the brain is laying down neural pathways essential for a lifetime of learning. Attention to a baby's needs and stimulation from the environment -- both emotional and intellectual -- help determine a child's future success and happiness.

That's why the Alliance for South Carolina's Children, the only organization in the state that focuses on the whole sphere of influences that shape our children's lives, is asking for your help. Together, we can help plant the seeds of change.

Independent, Community-Based Solutions

The Alliance for South Carolina's Children is a group of citizens whose sole agenda is to bring about community-based solutions for the crises affecting South Carolina's children and their families. We're a private, non-profit organization, streamlined to bring about change independent of politics and bureaucratic agendas. We work with individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations.

Our independence allows us to focus on all the needs of South Carolina's children. We study the whole picture, identify the most pressing problems, and then work with the community to plant the seeds of change.

We're the only organization of its kind in the state. Our mission is to use public awareness and education, research and advocacy at the state and community levels to make helping children a top priority for everyone in South Carolina.

How The Alliance Works

No one knows what a community needs better than the people who live there. The Alliance works with communities within the state to first identify the most pressing needs of their children, and then help the community find a solution that it can implement. The Alliance acts as a facilitator, enabling the community to take care of its own in a way that gives the greatest pay back.

The Alliance also works for statewide preventive initiatives that reduce suffering and save tax dollars. The Alliance has provided leadership in successful campaigns that have improved children's health, education and safety, and helped to restore childhood to its most important role: preparation for a happy, productive and independent life.

What The Alliance Has Accomplished

In its four-year history, the Alliance has made significant progress in improving the status of children and families in our state. This list highlights a few of these accomplishments:

(Note: I have left off this list to save space.)

On-Going and New Projects

Our next phase of work will engage even more communities in projects to help children and families meet the challenges that face them. For example:

(Note: I have left off this list to save space.)

Pay Now or Pay Later

Quality education, improved day care, early intervention in health matters. These solutions are expensive. But waiting to correct an even larger problem is even more expensive. That's what makes the work of The Alliance even more important -- and an economical solution to a skyrocketing problem.

You Can Plant the Seeds of Change

For all our successes, South Carolina's children and families are still in crisis. It will take the support of people like you to reach them, and to empower them to become independent, functioning families and adults.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $100,000 by June 30, 2006. Your $5,000 contribution to our first annual fund drive pays off now in a way that will pay off even bigger in the future.

As part of the $100,000 raised by the annual fund drive, your gift will enable the Alliance to:

(Note: I have left off this list to save space.)

Even bigger gifts bring bigger yields. We hope you'll join us in this effort to improve the quality of life in our state. With your help, we can plant the seeds of change.

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